Real Estate Status in Grand Junction, CO

So what’s the status of the real estate market in Grand Junction, CO?  It’s a layered question because Grand Junction is a unique area.  We have strong gas and oil presence that has somewhat cushioned the housing crunch that the rest of the nation has been feeling for some time now.  Even though we had a mass exodus of gas and oil workers to Pennsylvania and North Dakota which caused a slew of Grand Junction foreclosures, our market is still quite strong.  Sales activity is good and there are many new buyers since prices have corrected from the 2007 highs.    Considering the 50 year low interest rates and good home prices this is a great time to buy and also to get into investment properties.  Most clients I work with can cash flow immediately on their new real estate acquisitions.  This in not usually unless investors searched for months and scoured the MLS for that “diamond in the rough.”  Now those diamonds are everywhere.  What also makes it a great time to invest in property in Grand Junction is the vacancy rate.  Consider all of those people that had to walk away from their homes in the last 3 years still need  a place to live and many of them staying in our community.  They were home owners not that long ago so they make great renters.  They mow the lawn and take care of the place as if it were their own.  How great is that!  So if you have considered buying or selling and are waiting for the “Best” deal, don’t wait.  Believe me, the time is now.

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