Foreclosures: A good deal?

With the downturn in the market and the increase in foreclosures, many individuals are looking at purchasing foreclosures thinking they are getting a “deal”.

 Unfortunately many people equate foreclosure with a steal.

You can get a good deal in a foreclosed home, but you have to do your homework and know the market to make sure it is a good deal. Some of the foreclosed homes are not that much below market, to be considered a good deal.

When looking at foreclosed homes, be prepared that the processes takes more patience than a typical real estate transaction, but for the most part they close in the same amount of time as a typical realestate transaction. Also know that the properties are sold “as is”. It’s still a good idea to get an inspection, but you will not be able to request that anything be fixed.

Sometimes when homeowners know their home is going into foreclose, they take anything of value out of the home, such as appliances, light fixtures, even hot water heaters. If these items are removed or missing it could also affect the type of financing you can get on a home. When you purchase the home you will obviously have to replace these items, keep that in mind when you are considering what you are spending on the home.

 As a buyer you still need to look at a fair amount of properties, just as when buying a non- foreclosed home. This will give you the best perspective for your local market and when you come across that home you’ll know you are getting a good deal.

As an end note, do not pay a service for a list of foreclosed homes. Contact a Realtor and they can get one for you for free. I’m happy to help anyone with this.

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$8000 Tax Credit… Don’t miss out

Earlier this year congress voted in the $8000 tax credit to help first time home buyers. You must close on or before November 30, 2009 to receive the credit. Those who have not owned a home in the past 3 years also qualify for the tax credit.

NAR (National Association of Realtors)  is trying to extend the tax credit for 2010, and even make it better. However it is not a sure thing as of now.

With interest rates low and home price in Grand Junction, CO and nearby areas, low it’s a great time to take advantage of the market.

In some cases you can use the $8000 tax credit to help with closing costs.

Check out for more informaion.

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